Bottom Cleaner for Aluminum Boats & Pontoons
Removes Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels
Safely cleans aquatic growth from Aluminum Boats, Pontoons & Props

Easy to Use:
Spray Directly Onto Marine Growth,

Brush & Rinse Away!


After clearing marine growth with Algex, use Alumabrite to remove oxidization and stains. Make your Pontoons look new again.

Protect your pontoon and improve your performance with VS721 Bottom Coat - Makes fall clean up a breeze.


Won't damage Aluminum Casings or Remove Paint

Recommended for Removing Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels
from Outboards & Sterndrives

Why You'll Love It!

Proven Results

FAST and EASY to Use: Spray On, Brush and Rinse Marine Growth Away

SAFE for Cleaning: Sterndrives and Outboards Won't Pit Aluminum or Strip Paint

Works on Fiberglass, Wood and Metal Boats

Comes in a Ready-To-Use Spray Bottle

No-Fume Formula

Brightens Anodized Trailers

Removes Rust

Removes Oxidation From Brass Rails and Props

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What Others Say...

When I told my sales manager about our new product Aurora Algex all he had to say was 'Ship it ASAP. My customers need it!'

I just had to write to let you know what a great product you have and tell you it's as good as you advertise it to be.

I have never used a product that was so easy to use and gave me such great results.

I love you Aurora Algex. This is the 1st year I haven't had to scrub my arms off to get my pontoons clean.

We use your Aurora Algex to clean all our custom Stern Drives. It gets the fouling off without damaging or pitting the Aluminum. It doesn't even remove the paint.

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Price: $27.49